Voting Information
for the April 6, 2021
General Consolidated Election

Township elections only happen every four years, so after April 6, we won’t have another chance to make a change until April, 2025. Sadly, not enough of us exercise our right to vote in non-presidential elections. Only 17% of registered voters turned out in 2017 to elect our current township officials

Don’t put the future of our township government in someone’s else’s hands. Don’t let a small minority of eligible voters make decisions on all our behalf. To reform our township government, be sure to vote on or before April 6 and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote as well.

In-Person Early Voting started February 25th at the DuPage County Fairgrounds. Other early voting locations, including the one at Addison Township, will open March 22. Click the third button from the top to see all early voting locations and see opening days and times.