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Are you in the dark about Addison Township spending due to the lack of communication between the township and its residents?

Are you concerned about Addison Township government spending? 

Do you want to make sure that Addison Township residents are getting the most value in services for every tax dollar?

We had the same concerns, and we were outraged by what we discovered when we looked at our township budget. In a nutshell, Addison Township spends more on employee and elected official salaries than 94% of Illinois townships, all to provide the smallest selection of services of all our neighboring townships.

We’re running for office in the April 6, 2021 election because our township government should prioritize Services Over Salaries.

To improve our township government WE WILL:

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To reform our government, we need all concerned citizens to vote!

Township elections only happen every four years, so after April 6, we won’t have another chance to make a change until April, 2025. Sadly, not enough of us exercise our right to vote in non-presidential elections. Only 17% of registered voters turned out in 2017 to elect our current township officials

Don’t put the future of our township government in someone’s else’s hands. Don’t let a small minority of eligible voters make decisions on all our behalf. To reform our township government, be sure to vote on or before April 6 and encourage your friends and neighbors to vote as well.